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Posted by immfaiuad pada Desember 18, 2007

Writing Paragraph

By: Iman Widodo



l A paragraph is a basic unit of organization in writing in which a group of related sentences develops one main idea

l A paragraph can be as short as one sentence of as long as ten sentences.

l Paragraph structure:

¡ A topic sentence

¡ Supporting sentences

¡ A concluding sentence

How to write?

1. Pre-writing

Narrow the topic, Brainstorming

Listing, free writing, clustering

2. Outlining

3. Writing

4. Revising and Editing

Kinds of Paragraph

n 1. Definition paragraph

n Real things

n Abstract things

n 2. Description paragraph

n 3. Paragraph process

n 4. Comparison and Contrast paragraph

n 5. Cause and effect paragraph

Definition Paragraph

o This kinds of paragraph is usually used for giving some definition about something.

o All of the sentences inside are refer to the thing. It usually doesn’t have any concluding sentence.

o It may be the either real thing in which can be tasted by people senses or abstract one that can not be tested by the senses.

o More about definition paragraph

Description Paragraph

This kinds of paragraph is used to describe something.

compare with the definition paragraph, description paragraph has concluding sentence.

more about description paragraph

Paragraph Process

l Another name of this kind of paragraph is chronological steps.

l It can be history, events, or steps.

l Using Time order is absolutely important for making paragraph process.

l Especially for event and history, don’t forget to use simple past tense.

More about paragraph process

Comparison and Contrast Paragraph

This kinds of paragraph contents the similarities and differences between two things.

It can be compared in a paragraph then contrasted in another one (block) or using variation design of writing the paragraph.

More about comparison and contrast paragraph

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The design of comparison and contrast paragraph


A ________________________________________________

B incontrast,___________________________________________________________________




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Cause and Effect Paragraph

In a cause and effect paragraph, there must be an issue. It may be an effect followed by many causes, or a cause followed by many effects.

The form of cause and effect paragraph

Effect Cause

Cause 1 Effect 1

Cause 2 Effect 2

Cause 3 Effect 3

Cause 4 Effect 4

Etc Etc

More about cause and effect paragraph


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